Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark puzzle the sequel to Stealth Bastard deluxe

Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark is an indie action platformer that is a sequel to Stealth Bastard Deluxe. The game features well-designed stealth mechanics, and architecture levels, but can not boast of outstanding details.

The shortcomings of the graphics and the difficulty

The graphics are 2D, and fans of modern games will find here no flashy “bells and whistles” and “chips”. Similar corridors in grey tones give the impression of visual minimalism in the style of “old school”. In Stealth Inc no drama story with a unpredictable ending. Instead, in the beginning of the game you will be told that some company releases a smart and clever clones that looks somehow reminiscent of Sam Fisher. The player must test the clone – benefit of each of the levels provides plenty of opportunities for this.

The lack of graphic design of the game fully kompensiruet hardcore difficulty. For example, if the enemy notices you, then immediately kill: and you will not have batons or guns, to prevent them. All of the equipment you will have only night vision device. The possibility of movement is limited by the directions left and right and jumping. However, even such a modest set of characteristics of the protagonist can provide fascinating gameplay.

At each level there are a lot of tunnels, doors and corridors full of cameras and other devices “surveillance”. In addition, you will have to confront robots, each of which has a small angle of view in the form of a green cone. Try not to get “in sight” of the cone in a bright room – otherwise you are struck by a powerful laser beam. To come to the desired point, you have to open hatches and doors, move blocks and all this in the dark! The complexity of the puzzle increases with each level: so do not be surprised surfaces that make sounds, flying robots and teleporters.

Despite the unassuming appearance, the game is in any case can’t be called boring even after going through all the levels, you can open map editor and make up your own challenging puzzle game.

Unfortunately at the time of publication of the article in the Steam store only had the old version of the game Stealth Bastard Deluxe, which, however, is not inferior to the gameplay and is just as entertaining as a sequel. How to install Steam and purchase the game here.


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