Star Conflict to Linux

Star Conflict is a multiplayer computer game in the genre of MMO simulator. The game is designed for those who are ready to take the helm of attack aircraft or fighter and take part in the hot space battles. You have to surf the vast expanses of space on various ships, engage in battles with other players, and much more and all this is Star Conflict to Linux.

The story and gameplay of the game Star Conflict

The action of “Star Conflict” takes place after 3000 years after the first colonists left their native Land in search of new worlds and adventures. At the moment, the power in the Galaxy is divided between the soda star empires and independent groups.

In search of new worlds the Terrans had discovered in sector 1337, the remnants of the world of the Great Precursors: the forsaken city, a giant factory, fragments of dreadnoughts, who took part in the fierce battles. It turned out that the cause of death in the World – a mysterious Cataclysm, once every few days to burn out the organics in the sector. But the Terrans are not afraid of difficulties to find artifacts in sector 1337 went to representatives of the empires and unions, adventurers and simply mercenaries. Many expeditions were killed, but some have returned with unprecedented wealth. Probably, will soon begin a global war for control over the legacy of the Precursors – this means that services pilots professionals are very much in demand…

Each player will have several ships: heavy frigates, and light and fast interceptors and attack aircraft. Each ship can be used for solving various problems – the exploration of territories, hunt enemy of support of allies or powerful attacks.

Faction: the struggle “of the Empire, Federation and Jericho”

Starting to play “Star Conflict” you will have to define the “nationality”. The main objective of Empire – a constant expansion of its territory and the improvement of weapons. The power of the Federation in trade and Jericho – in the field of scientific achievements and improvements of his own body.

Install Star Conflict on Ubuntu Linux

Before you start to fight in space battles, you must register on the official website of the game. To do this, click here. Then you need to download the game client in Steam (if you haven’t already installed it then click here). When the game has loaded, launch it from the Steam library, enter the username and password obtained during registration, and welcome to space!

System requirements of Star Conflict

For Linux the recommended requirements are as follows:

  • Processor 2 Ghz Pentium 4 or above
  • Video card 512 MB (Nvidia | AMD | Intel ) with support for Pixel Shaders 3.0
  • RAM 1 Gb and above recommended 2 Gb and above
  • 6 Gb hard disk
  • Broadband connection to the Internet.
  • As OS minimum requirements Windows XP, Ubuntu 13.04 or MacOS 10.7

The development of the game

The game “Star Conflict” appeared on 1 Feb 2011. Developers – the company StarGem Inc. and Gaijin Entertainment. July 24, 2012 began beta-testing the game, and on February 27, 2013 “Star Conflict” appeared in the digital distribution service Steam. Recently released an updated version of the game – the developers have added space exploration, the creation of ships and most importantly – the support of virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift DK 2. Now the developers have pleased and austere part of the community by releasing Star Conflict to Linux.


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