Sokoban SG

Sokoban SG is a multifunctional QT graphical application to create levels and solving puzzle game Sokoban.

Sokoban (Warehouse Keeper in Japanese) is a logic puzzle game in which the player moves boxes around a maze, shown in plan view, with the aim to put all the boxes into position. The game was created in 1981 year , Hiroki Imabayashi and published by a Japanese company Thinking Rabbit in 1982 year.

Puzzle game Sokoban (Sokoban) rearranges interest from the point of view of computational complexity. The complexity of the levels caused by strong branching of the decision tree (comparable to chess), and its great depth, for the solution of some levels required more than a thousand talkany boxes (even in games with the classic version of the rules).

Rules of the classic game Sokoban is very simple, at stock present in the game in plan view (labyrinth) are the storekeeper and drawers. The player’s task is to move boxes in the maze (warehouse), with the aim to move them to the specified/the ultimate place. Boxes to push, but not pull, and move at a time more than one box. The storekeeper is free to move around the warehouse/the maze, but cannot pass through walls and boxes (to jump).

Sokoban SG has a customizable user interface (roaming and disable the toolbar), you can change themes, there are some ready themes, but you can customize the colors yourself (create and save your own theme).

Sokoban SG provides many tools for developing and automatic solutions levels Sokobanusing “Optimizer” can be given parameters to compute the shortest path and the number of “aftershocks“, it is possible to take screenshots of the game.

Sokoban SG has over hundreds of ready-to levels, supported import/export and conversion levels several of the most popular formats (txt, sok, lvl, LP0, xsb, etc.), “Reactor levels” allows you to create and edit the levels with a depth of 20000 moves.

Sokoban SG is a small system requirements, the function of redo and undo moves (Undo/Redo) unlimited, supported import and export game history (in the format *.html), management is focused on the use of the mouse.

License: Proprietary (AS-is / FREE)

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