Small toys for Linux

Good computer games are not only big-budget projects that cost their creators tens of thousands of dollars. The user’s attention and deserve a little toy created by small studios or enthusiastic individuals. Talk about projects such as the “Price of Freedom”, “Mars Commando”, “Oolite”, “Embric of Wulfhammers Castle”.

The Price of Freedom

Teenagers who fight to the death – a story, which only occasionally becomes a reality in modern schools. In Roman times, this “horror story” was commonplace in the theatre, film or television.

“The price of freedom” tells the story of two boys, 10 and 7 years. The conquerors have sold them into slavery, after which unhappy children got into the school of gladiators. The plot of the game guarantees you an unforgettable stay at the computer!

Mars Commando

Mars Commando is a nice game in the “Tower Defense”. The difference of the game is that the enemies here don’t go through the winding paths, and immediately fill the entire screen. The role of the “turrets” play warriors with different weapons and different areas of the fire. The player must control a small probe, and use it to kill enemies, heal allies and perform other equally important tasks.

Rocket Jump Ification

Rocket Jump Ification is a virtual reality reminiscent of the dystopia Gary shteyngart, which is ruled by gamers. Life in this harsh gaming world consists of a struggle for interest rebates and bonus points, rankings, loyalty and increasing the number of subscribers in social networks.


Oolite is a modern interpretation of the original Elite, released over 30 years ago. For the past 11 years of loyal fans working to support this project. There are no vector lines that are so familiar to veterans of the Elite – their place was taken by 3D.

Embric of Wulfhammers Castle

The game is a Comedy adventure, telling of the adventures of the Duchess of Elster and her fiancé, brave adventurer. “Embric of Wulfhammers Castle” guarantees an endless stream of banter and pictures of “adults only” (closer to the end of the game).


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