Slime Volley

Slime Volley (Sticky volleyball) — futuristic C (si) / SDL simulator of beach volleyball.

Slime Volley is simple and addictive, has a simple two-dimensional graphics and a few themes. The game was created on the motifs of sports games in the style of Blobby Volley. Game characters are very original, the player will have to control a semi-circular drop (drop of mucus) which bounces a ball.

The rules of the game Slime Volley is similar to the rules of the classic beach volleyball, the player characters are on opposite sides of the grid and thrown over a ball. Feeding the ball through the net to the enemy, you should try to make the enemy could not hit the ball (balls may be several).

A character throwing a ball wins if a partner (partners) are unable to prevent touching the ball with the ground and he charged point. To win you must score ten points, games can be played by two to six players (real or AI)on a single computer or local network.

Slime Volley has low system requirements, can run in window and full screen mode are supported by sound effects, is “List of records(optional). To control you can use the keyboard (configurable) and/or any game controllers (e.g. joysticks).

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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Author: posixru


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