Sketch Tales: drawing is magic

In the digital distribution service Kickstarter appeared Sketch Tales — new game from the Kiev company, 8D Studio. This firm is notable though that at its helm is one of the developers of the legendary game STALKER. The final output of the Sketch Tales release for Windows operating systems, Mac OS and Linux is planned for next year.

The developers called Sketch Tales is a very intense comic action (replicom) with a twist. The player will have to plunge into the mysterious world that was mysteriously stolen all the colors. You don’t want to save the world? However, the missing color will still have to find, as each of them has its unique magic power.

During the game you will be attacked by various horrible creatures, but, even if you forgot to bring a weapon, do not be upset. In Sketch Tales real weapons and yet the magic is drawing.

What did you have in school in art class? Three, four, or maybe “great”? In this game it doesn’t matter much: in a graphical editor, anyone can create a weapon, building materials for the tower, or even a genuine friend and companion who will never betray. Just turn on your imagination!

Main features of Sketch Tales

One of the features of Sketch Tales – the magic of drawing. In this game you can have everything you want: it is only paint!

The new game is the freedom of creativity. In Sketch Tales you have all the chances to show their creativity. For example, whether a poisoned green arrow? Would it be possible to enter the castle, if you draw a door? To answer these questions, to theorize pointless – you only need to try.

Sketch Tales is first and foremost a living world, not only full of secrets and treasures, but also real dangers. The inhabitants of this world are very unpredictable!

In Sketch Tales there are different levels of cruelty. To play this game can brutal men, who with one blow “away the cabbage” of their enemies, and hippies who at the sight of blood does not carry.

Sketch Tales is freedom of choice. You can fight, or to relax in some nice areas or do construction.

You have good potential. We see it in your eyes — you will easily be a powerful wizard. In a good way!


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