Simplenote is a free program for text notes. Has clients for iOS, Android and web interface through the browser.


Simplenote is cross-platform. The program is available not only for desktop systems (Linux, Windows, macOS), but also for iOS and Android. Clients for iOS and Android free. Not least, have access to your notes through a browser.

Simplenote can be an alternative to programs such as Google Keep, Evernote, or, for example, regular program Notes for MacOS. Of course, the functionality of these services (programs) differ.

Notes in Simplenote is automatically synced between all your devices. I have a sync has occurred without delay. If you open the same note, for example, in the program under Linux and using the browser, then editing it in one place, it is instantly updated in the other.


The program’s interface is minimalist and easy. The left panel displays the list of notes. Right note itself and the control panel with buttons (icons). There are two themes — Light and Dark.

Types of notes

Currently, Simplenote allows you to create text notes. Inserting images is not supported. But there is support for Markdown syntax. For Markdown notes need to enable Markdown (via the icon Info for specific notes) — then there is a preview of the formatted memo (icon Preview).

Tags and search

For each note you can add tags. Tags are added to the bottom of the window to edit notes.

You can search for notes by text or by tags. The search works very quickly. For important notes you can set the function to “pin” (pin to top) so that they appear at the top of the list.

The restoration and history

When you change notes, the previous version is not erased and is stored in the history. You can restore previous versions of notes. Function is very convenient. The user clicks on the icon with the clock, note appears above the slider. As you move the slider you browse previous versions of notes and can recover any of them. Deleted notes are also erased, and will go to the Trash where you can restore them.


Notes you can “share” with other users Simplenote. Notes that you share with other users, they appear in the note list. Thus it is possible to work together on one note.


Also there is a function to export all notes. This can be done through a web interface ( or through applications on Linux or Windows (via the menu File->Export Notes). Notes are exported as a zip archive. Each note is saved in a text file, which is very convenient.

Install Simplenote on Ubuntu Linux

To install Simplenote on Ubuntu you need to download deb package from the program website. Then run the command in the terminal:

sudo dpkg-i simplenote_1.1.6_amd64.deb

You can run the program from the command line by doing:


Or through the main menu under Standard.

The program website (free download):Notes Simplenote
The program is cross-platform and works in:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • iOS
  • Android

Screenshots of the program

  • Main window (Light theme) (version: 1.1.6)

  • Dark theme (version: 1.1.6)

  • Tags (version: 1.1.6)

  • Web UI (version: 1.1.6)

  • Client under Android (version: 1.6.1)


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