Simple pixel Linux and online games

Interesting games don’t always have to be big-budget projects in the tens of thousands of dollars. To pass the evening-another possible and simple pixel Linux and online games.

Epic Boss Fighter 2

Epic Boss Fighter 2 is the sequel to shoot’em up. But in this game the hero does not spend their strength to fight against any “trifle”, and fights exclusively with the “bosses”. Essential to your victory is the “pumping” of the hero. Between missions you can purchase the necessary equipment, to by droid assistants, and various “one-off” bonuses. The developers added to the game “co-op mode” for two. Now to while away time behind a computer, not only himself, but also in the company!

Night Tune – simulator ride

Those who are tired of different simulators walk, you should pay attention to the game Night Tune is a simulator ride through the city. Your hero is sitting in the back seat of the car and slowly falls asleep. The graphics in this game are pretty primitive, but despite this the views from the car window are fascinating. Put out the light in the car, you will be able to pay attention to some “awkwardness” of the graphics. Your driver you do not see, and he’s not particularly talkative, but allows you to put your own music. Tell me in which the bus of your city is possible?


The theme of this game to some extent echoes the plot of Night Tune. However to rest here, sleep will not work – you will be an engineer, “subway.” In Offline have to understand the different buttons, the switches and levers.

Don’t Escape 2

Play Don’t Escape 2 is a quest in which you have to make the abandoned huts impregnable citadel, and to have time to perform this task you need to sunset. The transition from location to location and “Kraft” take your time, which in this game is really expensive. During the game there are no clues regarding the correctness of an action is a “final verdict” shall be made only at the very end.

Lost Constellation

In Lost Constellation , you will enjoy the wonderful animation, read funny texts, perform amusing tasks and listening to the enchanting melodies ear. A magical mood in the game is very reminiscent of the Road Not Taken: the animals, which are everywhere jumping, simply unable to hide the horror that it fills…


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