Shadowrun Hong Kong

The triumph ended a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the game Shadowrun: Hong Kong. The developers managed to collect slightly more than $ 1.2 million against the planned 100 thousand. Of course, this result can not be compared with Shadowrun Returns ($1.8 million), but it’s still decent.

It is noteworthy that the “minimum plan” in 100 thousand conventional units managed to complete in just 2 hours. The money raised “above normal”, go to additional goals: the game will have its own mini-campaign for about 4-5 hours, animations, missions and many new characters.

The creators of the planned flow of money has been written. “We’d spend it on pre-testing, as well as pizza for the team that is working on the game day and night. In addition, the project will be implemented additional features, which are not mentioned on Kickstarter”.

Shadowrun is a tabletop role-playing game, which tells about some “alternative” future. The genre of the game – cyberpunk, with a touch of magic and Cybernetics. In this future, the lives of most people is controlled by mega-corporations who continually struggle with the mafia. To solve their problems, governments, companies and mobsters hire special people who are called shadowrunners (in English this means “running the shadows”).

The second part of the game takes place in 2050 in Hong Kong. By this time, Hong Kong has long become an independent state, United under their jurisdiction the whole of China. Except for the mafia and corporations of great importance in the game are the so-called “line of the dragon”: it’s a magical journey located on the temples. Chinese mafia called the “triad” — with it you will have to face, and not once.

The venue of the game – Hong Kong, was chosen not by chance. Three years ago, among the users was running a vote to determine the site of action of the next part of Shadowrun. The palm was won then Berlin, it became the scene of Shadowrun Returns. Hong Kong took the third position.

It should be noted that the date of birth of the game is now far and 1989. After 4 years, the world saw the first part of Shadowrun, which is very like gamers. Based on “Shadowrun” is created on 1 card game and table 2, and about 40 novels. Shadowrun: Hong Kong will be released in August 2015.


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