sent — a simple C (si) / X11 (Xlib / Xft) graphics utility (GUI) to provide a text presentation using the “Takahashi Method“.

The method of Takahashi (Takahashi method) — the method of deployment is extremely simple visual slides for presentations. A method named after the inventor, the programmer of Mesuesi Takahashi (Masayoshi Takahashi). In contrast to the typical representations, the method does not use pictures, graphs, charts, and so on.

On the slides is displayed only a few words, often one or two short words using very large characters. To compensate for this the facilitator has to use a lot more slides than conventional slides, and each side shows a shorter time. Many speakers programmers use for presentations your own version of the method.

Creating presentations on the “Takahashi Method” does not require any knowledge in LaTeX, Markdown, HTML and other markup languages, and the availability of apps for creating presentations and knowledge of their formats. The presentation file for sent is a plain text file (*.txt), each paragraph of text in which is a slide presentation, which is very convenient if you quickly need to make a presentation on the topic.

sent displays the presentation in a simple window, slide content automatically scales to fit the window (max 1000 lines). In the presentation you can add images, displayed one slide (without any text on the same slide), the image must reside in the same directory with the presentation file. Format support is provided farbfeld (set of console tools for working with graphics files), to control using a keyboard.

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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