Scorched 3D: destroy the enemy tank

If you want fun, fun “kill time” at home or work, pay attention to the “war games” from Gavin Kampa — Scorched 3D. This computer game is a remake of the motives of artillery strategy Scorched Earth, however, unlike the latter, it is completely free. It is possible to play against the computer or over the network. In addition, nothing prevents you to gather with friends on one computer and make the team play (up to 24 people).One of the main advantages of the game is the graphics engine developed by Gavin Camp from scratch. Thanks to this engine, the player can completely change the landscape on the map.

Gameplay Scorched 3D

The gameplay of this strategy is as simple as “twice two”: the players take up their positions on the ground (randomly), doing shots, moving equipment and all in order to destroy the enemy tank. Before each game you can choose any equipment and ammunition (available for over 40 different types of weapons). In the Scorched 3D is more than fifty types of vehicles: anti-aircraft and artillery, tanks, creatures, and much more.

Making one move, you can either shoot, or to change their dispositions. For the destruction of the enemy, the player earns virtual currency. For this money you can buy weapons, ammunition and necessary to combat fixture.

Weapon in Scorched 3D

Different types of weapons that are represented in Scorched 3D, have different destructive power. For example, a small rocket is the most weak weapon. The weapons of “mass destruction” is nuclear missiles, small nuclear missiles, Napalm and skull.

In addition to weapons, the player has a certain protective system. The main purpose of these systems is to extend the “lifetime” of the player’s tank on the battlefield. For example, the batteries compensate for the damage dealt to your enemy tank shells. This resource as fuel to move the tank within the map.

Install Scorched 3D on Ubuntu

To install Scorched 3D must be downloaded from the website package for your OS or distro of Linux (supports Ubuntu, RPM-based distros, Windows). Downloaded deb package you need to install the traditional way, then in menu you have a shortcut to start the game Scorched 3D.


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