Robombs – “bombs” in Linux

In this article we want to introduce you with a straightforward game of three-dimensional arcade game Robombs. This is a pretty old project: Robombs for game consoles appeared in 1983. As the name implies, the game is tied with explosives. You have to undermine their enemies in the bombs and remain alive, as enemies will seek to do so.

It is obvious that the developers were inspired by the idea behind the project Bomberman. That’s why between these two games so much in common. All the gameplay takes place in a maze, specifics of which can and should be used to the full and unconditional victory: so, locking the enemy in the dead end, you will be able to destroy it. For this you will have a large selection of weapons.

Robombs is written in Java, as the engine the game uses jPCT. A feature of the engine is that it allows the use to choose OpenGL and Software renders.

Game modes

In Robombs there are two game modes: “singleplayer” and “multiplayer”, and the project was developed initially under the second option. “Single” mode is largely simplistic and designed for those players who for technical reasons are unable to play with a real opponent.

Also, as in Bomberman, in Robombs are 9 cards (levels), whose themes are taken from projects such as Call of Duty, Arcanoid, Pac-Man, and many others.


Playing Robombs, you can collect bonuses. It can be an increase in the number of simultaneously active bombs, increasing the destructive power of the charge, and also this absolutely fantastic opportunity as kicking a bomb, like a ball.

Despite its apparent simplicity, Robombs can be recommended as an excellent means for “killing” time on boring pairs, presentations and meetings.

To install Robombs in Ubuntu

To install the game you need to connect the playdeb repository, then installing the game by means of standard Ubuntu by package name Robombs.


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