Road Redemption

New – is well forgotten old. This ancient wisdom can be applied to anything, including computer games. Seasoned gamers will remember Road Rash, the race for the 16 bit console the Sega Genesis. In this game, many were attracted by the excitement of pursuit, uncompromising fights, and the joy of passing the mission with his best school friend.

Action Road Rash unfolded in an alternate United States of America. Through the idyllic American highway romp of a motorcycle gang, competing with each other. And then the bikers beating each other with chains and pry bars, in addition, the “knights of the road” and goes from the police (unless of course, catch up). The latest version of the game Road Rash was released in 2003 and since then there have been a lot of rumors about her reincarnation in a new guise.

And here relatively recently, the new Orleans company DarkSeas Games presented on their debut Kickstarter project Road Redemption. Graphics of the novelties is a modern polygonal 3D. Everything else stayed with the old version of the game: desert, car, scurrying past you on the highway, and also an infinite tower of high-voltage lines, hills and cacti.

Suddenly this, in General, that idyllic picture is disturbed by two heavy chrome-plated motorcycles. One of the bikers dressed in samurai armor and armed with a sword, the other is dressed in a ninja suit. Of the weapons he just a baseball bat. The riders share with each other the blows, but nevertheless, they manage to stay in the saddle…After a few moments, the chase continues.

Road Redemption Road Rash is different from a large amount of blood. Physics of the collision became more modern: riders will be able to prolamyvayas through destructible objects.

Weapon riders will not be limited to one piece of pipe, swords and chains. Many will be a bit shrouded in barbed wire and a police Taser. This entire Arsenal is supplemented by hunting rifles, automatic rifles and pistols.

The protagonist of Road Redemption – biker, who is 8 years of his life in prison and back in my motorcycle club. Gradually he discovers who betrayed him, finds the informers, which was in prison. Traitors waiting for severe punishment – our hero cut down by his sword their heads off…

The game is full of missions for passing of which you receive “virtual money”. For this money you can buy spare parts or even a new bike. Sometimes doing it is simply necessary to keep up with its competitors.

In General, the game Road Redemption turned out a worthy successor to the Road Rash: the biker subculture, love this anime and the setting, the style of the decoration and soundtrack will satisfy both the seasoned player and the beginner.

The game will be available for installation via the Steam digital distribution service.


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