regexxer — a lightweight C++ / GTK / Gnome (gtksourceviewmm) graphical application to search, search and replace using regular expressions.

The user interface of regexxer is simple and intuitive, settings has only the minimum necessary. The search for documents in a given directory, including subdirectories and hidden files/directories.

A tree of directories containing the documents found is displayed to the left of the window regexxerto search, you can select one of the available templates or define their own regular expressions are introduced in the style of Perl (Perl-style). For example, as a template, you can specify “*” to search for all file types, or “*.txt” to search only text files.

regexxer is very practical and convenient tool that allows you to not only find but edit test files, including the file formats HTML, XML and Markdown (in the left side of the interface). In the editor window, you can search, find and replace text in an open document. Editor has all standard text editor functionality (copy, paste, undo/redo changes, etc.).

regexxer allows you to replace only one phrase in the text of the document and all found, also can automatically replace the selected phrase in all found files, especially useful when batch editing of documents. To control uses the mouse and/or keyboard shortcuts.

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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Author: posixru


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