Red Eclipse is Another analogue of the Quake

Red Eclipse, is actually not just another analogue of Quake Arena is a little bit more. Firstly the game uses another engine, and secondly, it has several interesting features not available in other games of the genre.


One of the most interesting phenomena of the game Red Eclipse, I thought the system jumps in the style of parkour. You can make a dizzying jumps, high jumps, run on the walls to make long jumps. All you need ottolknutsya in the desired direction and press the spacebar again.


In fact, after playing Red Eclipse remains a strong feeling that playing good old Unreal Turnament. Similar play styles, similar cards. Cards in the game quite a lot like online games and offline training.


Of the weapons available to you shotgun, machine gun, flamethrower, pistol, single pistol, grenades, sword, laser sniper rifle, and beamer seems to be something that I did not have time to try.

Fights are very dynamic, even with bots. The maps are small and straightforward, easy to learn and to get used to.


The game has several game modes such as capture the flag and Deathmatch, also available in various fashion games, as well as built-in map editor, i.e. you can not only enjoy the game on standatrnyh cards from the kit, but draw your own!


Official website of the game Red Eclipse: there you can download client for all popular operating systems including Windows. In Ubuntu, the game is special from repository: ppa:arand/redeclipse (manual connect ppa repository)

Then traditionally installed via the software Center or by running in a terminal window command:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install redeclipse



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