Raven’s Cry: revenge of pirate

The game Raven’s Cry is another attempt to tell about the life of desperate men, pirates of the Caribbean. In popular culture created the image of the pirate, dark and tough villain. In the game created by Reality Pump Studios, the developers have tried to debunk this myth and reveal the historical truth. The action of Raven’s Cry takes place in the second half of the 17th century.

The plot of Raven’s Cry

The Central character is Christopher Raven, a Scottish teenager, went with his parents on the ship on one of the Islands of the Caribbean. Close to Jamaica on passenger ship attacked by pirates. Everyone who was on the ship, killed – survived Christopher Raven. However, the price for the preservation of life was not the little boy lost the left hand. Christopher swore to take revenge on the leader of the pirates and this becomes one of the “gentlemen of fortune”. Already an experienced pirate Christopher Raven finds her abuser, Neville Scranton nicknamed “the Devil”.

Gameplay Raven’s Cry made in 3D, with a third person. Is lost in childhood left wrist Christopher Raven has got a sturdy metal hook (in the game you can choose several hooks – each one has a specific function), pistols and a sword. Has our hero and Voodoo magic than induces real horror as enemies, and comrades in arms.

In Raven’s Cry you have to move around the maps, while carrying out certain assignments, participate in fencing fights, cannon shooting and boarding battles. The plot of Raven’s Cry is not linear: the success of the quests will depend on many events in the life of Christopher Raven.

Release date Raven’s Cry

Release date of “Raven’s Cry” was postponed several times: the original release was to be held in autumn 2013, then the release was postponed in the spring, and then in October. Now, in order to enjoy the game, have to wait another month and a half. In the “good scenario”, the game will appear on 27 November for Windows, Mac OS and Steam OS. In the beginning of 2015 will be released version of the game to popular gaming consoles.


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