QuickWall is a command line Python (python-requests / python-dbus) utility to download images from Unsplash and set them as your desktop background.

Unsplash (Beautiful Free Images & Pictures) service designed for sharing photos, storage of high quality Wallpapers for your desktop (free HD wallpapers). The service was created in 2013 year and was the pioneer model of the distribution of the photos without copyright. However, in 2017 , the year it was decided to discontinue the use of “zero” license.

In addition to download the images and set them as your desktop background QuickWall has a built-in generator of color schemes based on images, as the color scheme generator utility is used Pywal (color scheme generator).

Pywal (python-pywal) — a tool for generating color palette of dominant colors in an image and applies a color “on the fly” for the whole system or individual applications. There are five supported Bekenov (backend) to generate colors, each of which provides a palette of colors for each image.

Pywal does not change any of the existing configuration files, instead, he works around them and provides tools for integration into a system at the user’s discretion. For example, terminal emulators have their own digital circuits is updated in real time (without delay), but with minimal configuration, this functionality can be extended (almost everything works in the system).

QuickWall can be downloaded from Unsplash random image, one of the most popular on the service per day or per week, images from a specific collection (by ID) and image search. As a Downloader used downloader-cli, a command line download Manager with a nice progress bar (progressbar awesome).

QuickWall complete integrated with desktop environments KDE (including the lock screen Wallpaper), GNOME/Unity, MATE and XFCEare supported window managers using feh or nitrogen (the default). The directory with the uploaded images (~/.cache/QuickWall) can be cleaned from the command line identifiers, or separate images can be added to “Black sheet” (~/.cache/QuickWall/blacklist), verbose event log (~/.cache/QuickWall/logs/log.cat).

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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