QJournalctl — a simple C++ / QT graphical interface (GUI) for console command journalctl.

journalctl — standard command-line utility to view and analyze log SystemD (systemd journal), system data and application data. Using additional options you can filter data and quickly extract the desired information.

SystemD — subsystem initialization and service management GNU Linux systems in 2000-e years, actually superseded the traditional subsystems are init (initialization / initiation). The main feature is intensive parallel services start during the boot process of the system, resulting in much faster startup of the operating system.

A centralized approach to logging used SystemD, and also thanks to the automatic recording of detailed metadata were able to achieve great flexibility and convenience. All logs are in one place, they are indexed and structured in a that allows you to easily access them.

Interface QJournalctl as simple as possible and gives easier access to functionality journalctl, allowing the user to change the display settings, to quickly check the log for specific records or errors.

QJournalctl allows you to view the logs on the local machine and connect to remote hosts using a network Protocol application layer SSH (Secure Shell). Frequently used connections can be saved, authorization is possible with a password or encrypted key file.

QJournalctl using the parameters of the filters and regular expressions makes it easy to find what you need. The data found can be exported to a text file, management is focused on the use of the mouse.

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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