Q*bert: Rebooted

Q*bert is an arcade game that is the epitome of Proverbs: “all new – well forgotten old”. There was a game back in 1982, its creators are Warren Davis and Jeff Lee. The first publisher of the arcade game company Gottlieb.

After a few decades the two companies, Sideline Amusements and Gonzo Games together back to life this project. The developers have licensed the brand from Sony, so in July last year, he released a remake of Q*bert for Windows operating systems, Mac OS and Linux. At the moment, for developers porting games on consoles PS3, PS4 and Vita.

In the arcade Q*bert character player (it is also called Q*bert) jumps on the tri-color cubes, isometric components of the pyramidal structure. The main task is to repaint the whole pyramid in the specified color.

At first, to accomplish this goal is quite simple – you need to jump on each cube once. In subsequent rounds is more complicated: for each cube you need to jump 2 times, and if you jump once again, the cube will change color on the wrong. Jump over the edge of the pyramid is equivalent to death, and have to pass the level again.

The game Q*bert has a fairly powerful system enemies. One of the main enemies is the snake “Coily”. First, the snake is at the top of the pyramid in purple ball, which jumps down. After the ball hits on the bottom row of cubes, the snake is released and begins its pursuit of the hero. Furthermore, it is undesirable to deal with red balls – they also begin their pursuit on the top of the pyramid.

Q*bert there are other enemy is a gremlin and purple pig, as well as “green creatures”, jumping on cubes and changing their color to the original. These “little green men” called “Slick” and “Sam”. These pests can be eliminated in only one way: try to jump onto the cubes, which they are at present.

However, not all so bad as it might seem at first glance: Q*Bert do not only helps its fast jumping, but the green balls, and also drives the side of the pyramid. Transporterowych drives the main character to the top of the pyramid and the green balls freeze enemies (for this Q*bert to cross with balloons).

In the remake of the game Q*bert will have two modes: classic and updated. Classic mode described above. The updated mode will be three – dimensional instead of cubes are hexagons. In addition, the developer promised to introduce the game to new characters, enemies and traps and bonuses.

Setting Q*bert: Rebooted

The game can be purchased set through a system of distribution of games Steam. The game is available for Windows and Linux MacIS. For other platforms the game can be purchased on the official website http://www.sidelineamusements.com/qbert/.


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