Psychological horror game Caffeine will be promoted on Kickstarter

The developer of the psychological horror Caffeine has not once tried to raise funds for further development of their offspring. We are talking about the promotion on the site IndieGoGo. Unfortunately, Dylan brown had failed: he managed to collect only 4% of the sum. However, as the saying goes, “fortune favours the brave” and therefore the Creator of “Caffeine” have decided to try their hand at Kickstarter. The plans Dylan brown getting 70 thousand Australian dollars. At the time of writing, it was collected only $ 550, so that will be completed if the new idea of success, while it is not known.

The main character Caffeineявляется little boy inadvertantly lost memory and find themselves in a terrible, ugly place. The game takes place in the relatively near future – in 2097. The mineral reserves on Earth almost completely dried up, why corporations are developing minerals on space stations located on nearby planets. Minerals are needed for the production of Caffeine. However, there is one innuendo, what is the Caffeine component of the coffee bean, or some imaginary substance. The main character wakes up on the station involved in the creation of Caffeine. It seems that the station was abandoned and not used. However, in reality it is not. Players must explore the station and figure out what is really going on here. In the game you have to solve is not very difficult puzzles.

As stated by brown himself, the creation of the game he was prompted by the motives of FEAR 2, Doom 3 Condemnedи. As the game engine uses UnrealEngine 4. If all goes as it should, the game is due out in early 2015. To enjoy the new game will be users of the new generation consoles, Windows, OSX Linuxи. It should be noted that the game is compatible with virtual reality helmet OculusRift.


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