procs — console Rust utility to display information about the active and running processes, is positioned as a modern replacement of the command ps (process on the system).

ps (process status) — a classic for UNIX, Unix-like and other POSIX-compatible operating systems utility that outputs a report running in the system processes. The standard alternative is the team topconveniently displays in a terminal emulator constantly updated information.

Utility procs supported all functionality is available in ps, but with some additional features. Major advantages include display of information in a colorful and readable manner, supported display processes in a tree (in order of dependencies) operation top (with the specified update period) and output some additional information (which is not supported by ps).

procs allows you to search processes by keyword, displays the running processes, applications Docker management system(container virtualization), ports TCP/UDP (without starting from the root shows only the current user), the speed of read/write (Read/Write) and other… Parameters can be set from the command line and/or config file (~/.config/procs/config.toml), a utility documented in detail.

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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Author: posixru


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