PPA graphic drivers Ubuntu NVIDIA ready

The long wait was not necessary.

A few days after the proposal for establishing a new PPA to provide Ubuntu users the freshest graphic NVIDIA drivers Ubuntu community have teamed up and created this.

Just the name ‘PPA graphic drivers‘, which contains the latest releases of graphics drivers NVIDIA for Linux. This simplifies installation and eliminates unnecessary hassle.

PPA is designed specifically to gamers can easier to get the latest drivers in Ubuntu.

Ready but not ready

The idea of George Castro about creating a ‘universal’ PPA containing the latest graphics driver of NVIDIA for all comers, has received significant support from Ubuntu users and developers.

Even those who are responsible for porting to Linux some major titles from Steam, joined to share tips and suggestions.

Edwin Smith, production Manager at “Feral Interactive” (‘Shadow of Mordor’) supported the initiative of creating a “lightweight way to update drivers”.

How to use the new PPA with Nvidia drivers

Despite the fact that the ‘PPA image data’ was published, he is not quite ready for Prime time. There is a warning:

“This PPA is now being tested, so you must have experience with batch data before you mess with this PPA. Can you wait a few days to wait for stability.”

George, by installing this PPA, spoke about their experiences. He said that the user will not feel any significant changes at this stage (because the drivers were just copied from one PPA to the new one).

“The real fun will begin, when will the new drivers,” he added.

At the moment, the PPA contains several fresh Nvidia drivers for Ubuntu from 12.04.1 to 15.10. All drivers available for all releases.

To add the PPA, type the following commands in a terminal window:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa

To update or install the latest Nvidia drivers:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nvidia-355

Remember: if PPA will break your system, you can get it all back into place.

To revert / undo changes to your PPA, you should run the command ppa-purge.

Feel free to share tips/tips/amendments/thoughts about this PPA in the comments.

Source: omgubuntu.ru

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