PlayOnLinux — add-on Wine emulator — allows you to easily install Linux games and programs that are created for Windows.

In PlayOnLinux there is a list of games and programs that are guaranteed tested and should work (in fact, it may be a bit wrong). The list of games in PlayOnLinux is very large. You can choose from the list the desired game and install it. To install you certainly need the archive to the game (CD, iso image).

PlayOnLinux automatically performs all the necessary settings and you just have to install the game as you would in Windows. For each game in PlayOnLinux configuration produces its own Wine, suited specifically for her.

You can install the game which is not in the list. For this program there is a point “to Install a program not listed“. Before installing, you will be able to make a few preliminary settings (e.g., set library). Next to start the installer of the game. With this method of installation, you may need to do any additional steps for setting up or installing dependencies.

Games can be installed using the CD-ROM game, iso image, or just the directory with the installation files of the game.

The PlayOnLinux program is translated into Russian language.

Install PlayOnLinux in Ubuntu Linux

There are PPA repositories for PlayOnLinux, but I’ve installed the game using the DEB package from the official website.

On the page you can download PlayOnLinux packages for different Linux distributions. There are some instructions for installing the program in different distributions.

I installed PlayOnLinux following. Downloaded DEB package: PlayOnLinux_4.1.8.deb. Executed the command in the terminal:

sudo dpkg-i PlayOnLinux_4.1.8.deb

Then I got a message that a component Wine is not installed, and executed the command:

sudo apt-get-f install

This command ostanovilo all dependencies. You can now run PlayOnLinux from the command line by doing:


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  • The main window of PlayOnLinux (version: 4.1.8)

  • Window install the game in PlayOnLinux (version: 4.1.8)


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