Planetary Annihilation: the destruction of Galaxies

The fifth of September, the market entered a space real time strategy game, Planetary Annihilation. The developer of the game company Uber Entertainment. To try yourself in the role of arbiter of planetary systems and Galaxies will be users of the operating systems Windows, Mac OS and Linux. A brief overview of the project and will be dedicated to today.

Planetary Annihilation is the spiritual successor to such monsters of the gaming industry, as Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander. The original goal of the developers was not only the release of a remake with new graphics: programmers from Uber Entertainment wanted to “outdo” the original version of the scale. And I must admit that they did it very well.

The advantages and disadvantages of graphics

The advantage of the graphic component of the game is the absence of rectangular cards with clear boundaries. The virtual world in the game of a larger scale: you will see the planets and their satellites, in the online mode revolving around the main star. Thanks to this innovation in the game is the orbital constructions and the units. The player will be stratospheric fighter jets, satellites and military reconnaissance purposes, as well as other equipment. When any one the world is facing a lot of interests, the weaker side must go. In “Planetary Annihilation” to go one way: to get on spaceships and go to colonize other planets and their systems. “Planetary annihilation” allows you to create and do all kinds of things: so you can attach to the outer body of the engine, and then to bring down a asteroid or planet to another object by calling, so to speak, the Apocalypse on a local scale.

However, the scope of the graphic component is purely visual in nature. The fact that the area of planets is quite small, so the playing area “Planetary Annihilation” inferior “Supreme Commander”. Due to the primitiveness of the landscape, you simply will not have to crank out a clever tactical maneuvers. Used in the game “planetastroy” frankly not enough items. While teleporting between planets and if you change the scale, you can accidentally turn the camera and lose orientation in space.

Game mechanics Planetary Annihilation

At the beginning of the game you will have only a single unit – the Commander. This character can perform several functions: to build houses, to recycle destroyed enemy vehicles and fight with enemies. However, be careful: the Commander is like the king in chess. The death of the commander means your final loss.

Construction capabilities of the Commander present, but very limited. The commander can only build basic buildings: mining, factories, plants, simple fortifications, etc. Plants have the ability to produce builders with more features. In “Planetary Annihilation” there are two types of resources: metal and energy. For the extraction of metal you need to use a special field, and for energy production reactors. The player must not only follow the quantitative amount of energy, but the ratio of production or production expenses. When “negative balance” production is very much slower with all the ensuing consequences.

Compared to Supreme Commander of the economic part of the game is very simplified: there is almost no planning, you just need to quickly build buildings and other objects on any empty place. Adjacent buildings will not bring each other bonuses, like it was in Supreme Commander. Stationary defense in “Planetary annihilation” does not make sense, as the enemy can attack from any direction. The outcome in any case will decide the degree of mobility of the armed forces.

The omission of developers is insufficient portrayal of the warring parties: so, your army and the army of the enemy differs only in the color of tanks, aircraft and self-propelled. In principle, the same can be said about Commanders. In Planetary Annihilation there are three types of commanders – alpha, Delta and Theta. Believe me, the basic difference between them no.

In the games predecessor was the Leviathan – a powerful fighting machine, one of its kind bringing terror to the enemies. Unfortunately in “Annihilation”, these units are abolished, and without them the planes and tanks look boring gray mass of metal.

Game modes

Developed by “Planetary Annihilation” provided as a single player and multiplayer. Uber Entertainment plans to further develop the competitive focus in the “Annihilation” and the game will be released on the eSports scene. Anyway, in multiplayer mode, can play 40 people. These fights promise to be both tough and fun!


The game is definitely interesting and can brighten up your free time and long cold nights. However, according to many, in “Planetary annihilation” too little tactics and a lot of assertiveness. This is a game of numbers “battles wall to wall”, without unnecessary distractions. A chance to win in “Planetary Annihilation” is the player with more nimble hands and a better spatial thinking.

Want the developer and tweaked artificial intelligence. The computer may or too blunt, sending you a Commander, deprived of cover, or extruding, as the Germans at Stalingrad. Both, bored pretty quickly. I hope that the new version of the game will be much better than this.

The game is available in Steam.


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