PlaneShift is a fantasy MMORPG

Imagine that the entire population of the Earth lives inside a large, divided into 8 levels of stalactite, and the livelihood of the “settlement” provides another crystal draws energy from the earth’s surface. It looks like the game world PlaneShift, developed by Atomic Blue. The game is completely free to the end user, you will find no ads or premium upgrades.

Description PlaneShift

Huge stalactite in which they live, its inhabitants, called Yliakum and the crystal, providing life – Azure Sun. The player can fight for any of the 12 races: Ilian, Xaca, Demorian, Nolthrir, Blacksmiths, Stonemasons, Diaboli, etc. Ilian – people, and Demorian – elves, as dwarves are the blacksmiths.

In the history Yliakum decided to allocate 5 different eras. All the races of the underworld owe their existence to two of the Supreme deity – Lanka and Calado. Rulers Eliakum – eight “Ostarkov”, one ruler for each settlement level. Octarchy run smaller clerks, at any level have 160 minor officials. These managers are called in the game “Vigesima”. A year in a fictional fantasy world ends a large collection of Ocharov and Vigesimo, which decide the fate of each resident. It should be noted that Octarchy is a life – long rulers.

The most common foreign currency of the underworld are triangular coins are made of crystals of metals and alloys – they’re called Tria. There are also wheel hex adapters and OCTA – coin hex and octagonal shapes. For one “hex” give 10 Tria, and for single Oct – 50 Tria. The most expensive are the Rounds is a round coin made of gold. The exchange rate of the Circles to Tria – 1 to 250.

How to create a character in PlaneShift

In PlaneShift, the game character can be created in two ways – “fast” and “slow”. The first option is simply the choice of development path of your character, with all the characteristics will be completely random. Choosing the second way to create a game character, you will need to carefully consider parameters such as name, appearance, parents, childhood, event, character.

Role process

Created character must have a role to play. Role-based process, or “roleplaying” in the game is very important. This is reflected in increased attention to the quests, books, background stories, and role details.

When the character uses his powers on purpose, or wins another battle, he was awarded OP – “points of progress”. To spend these points on services of characters-coaches who will help you to improve your skills.

The character in the game PlaneShift should take place and quests – there are about a hundred. The dialogue of the player with NPCs is constructed so that it is necessary to type words and phrases on the keyboard rather than selecting from a given list. This circumstance creates for some people, insurmountable difficulties: it is not always clear what you need to say non-player character to progress the quest further.

Death in PlaneShift

The developers of PlaneShift have paid special attention not only life but also Death. A dead character will fall into the Realm of Death with many dangerous paths and dead ends. Returning to life through a special portal, the player receives a penalty. Some game characters in PlaneShift knowledge of magic related to one of the 6 schools. But in order for your spells to have acted, you must have special magical items – symbol.

The story of the creation of PlaneShift

The first version of the game (0,1) PlaneShift was released 10 Feb 2002. At the time of writing this article on the website of the developer available to version 0.6.3. The game is intended for installation on computers that are running operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac OS.


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