Pixel games

A good game does not necessarily have to be big budget – sometimes to inspire maybe a simple “pixel” creation. Of course, these games are mostly enthusiastic Amateurs and are free to the end user. Today we tell you about games like “Grab Them By The Eyes”, “Our Personal Space” and “Fabled Lands”.

Grab Them By The Eyes

Grab Them By The Eyes

is all about economic struggle between competitors. Imagine the situation: for several years you sell on the street corner hot dogs, and then one “perfect” moment right in front of you open to competitors. Daring youths to entice you buyers, in the truest sense of the word “stealing your bread.” The main problem in this situation is this: the products you and your competitors exactly the same. Therefore, in the marketing war to win the one who will make a cool sign. You and your competitors go to the electronics store and buy everything you need then make advertising slogans and various special effects – dance of lights, twinkling flash, flowing text, etc.

Our Personal Space

Our Personal Space (“Our personal space”) is a Novella that deals with the establishment of life in the distant space colony. Monthly you need to determine the routine of the main character: how much time and effort to put her in a particular case.

The primary focus should be on the state of the entire settlement, as well as on the relationship of the heroine with her husband. In the game there is no space soap operas, but there are short sketches of the lives of the settlers.

Fabled Lands

Fabled Lands – a rather unusual and interesting series of books games. One of the main features of the game is the nonlinearity of the plot: instead of one main mission, the player gets a whole open world where you can freely travel between different cities, to examine them, perform quests, and random.


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