pdf2djvu (PDF to DjVu converter) is a specialized C++ (OpenMP) command-line utility to create a full-fledged DjVu file from files PDF (Portable Document Format).

DjVu technology of image compression with losses, specially designed for the storage of scanned documents (books, journals, manuscripts, etc.) and which became the basis for several academic libraries. A DjVudocument may contain a text layer which allows to perform full-text search on the file, an embedded interactive table of contents and hotspots (links), which allows easy navigation in DjVu books.

pdf2djvu to create files DjVu can use one or more PDF fileswhen converting into a DjVu document out of a PDF document is extracted graphics, text, hyperlinks, table of contents (bookmarks) and metadata (including metadata XMP).

pdf2djvu for work uses DjVuLibre (a set of libraries and utilities to create, view and edit DjVufiles), Poppler (a library for rendering PDF files), Exiv2 (tools of manipulation of metadata) and libuuid (part of util-linux, library for correct metadata XMP)and GraphicsMagick (a graphics library, tools for work with images of almost all existing formats).

pdf2djvu allows you to set DjVu-document the set of parameters (document type, resolution, page size, quality, etc.), supported with templates (the template language is modelled on the syntax for string formatting in Python), the utility has a detailed documentation (including in Russian).

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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