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pdf presentation — a simple C++ / GTK graphical interface (GUI) utilities for pdfpc.

pdfpc is a small console application to view PDF presentations using multiple monitors (multi-monitor output). The app is based on the capabilities of Keynote-like utility Pdf Presenter Console (PPC), developed in 2009 year, Westhoff Jacob (Jakob Westhoff), but a year later it ceased development.

the pdf presentation gives you more convenient access to the most relevant parameters pdfpc. The main window of the presentation is displayed on a single screen (often the projector)and the other (usually on the laptop screen) displays a more complex set of information, such as images next slide, text notes, the total number and the number of viewed slides, presentation time, etc…

pdfpc is running using the pdf presentation shows the current and the next slide displays text notes and notes on the slides (the generated LaTeX-Bamer), a timer or countdown (remaining time of the presentation) , etc., for quick switching between slides is provided on an “Overview mode(in the thumbnail view, open the slide is highlighted), the toolbar is floating (on the window of the lecturer).

Some parameters pdfpc is not available from the pdf-presentation can be set from the command line or in a configuration file, system (/etc/pdfpcrc) or user (~/.config/pdfpcrc). In a running presentation, you can pause, supported by the “Freezing(to start from the last viewed file), and playback of embedded video files, the format support provides Gstreamer (multimedia framework, the core multimedia applications).

pdfpc can run in windowed and full screen mode, supports correct handling of PDF files of presentations made with the use of virtually all advanced applications to create presentations for management turns mouse and/or keyboard shortcuts, for setting up and using a detailed documentation.

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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