paperbackup — console Python (enscript/ghostscript) utility for backing up key files on paper in the form of a bar code with encrypted text.

Some critical data such as keys GnuPG or SSH, can be very important for the user, so you need to make some of their backups in several places. You can use different types of digital media, although they have not yet proven their durability, and the paper if stored properly proved an acceptable level of safety of the information later, especially if kept in book form. Therefore, the author of the project decided to create a utility for saving backup copies on paper, in addition to stored on digital media.

paperbackup allows you to save backups in the form of a two-dimensional matrix barcode DataMatrix, providing higher density and offers the best means to correct mistakes, even large amounts of data. The use of the General symbols of the bar code enables the use of several independent implementations of decoders, which increases the probability to correct errors and process defects (if it is inadvertently corrupted). The author of the project described in detail his experiments with different restoration methods of damaged sheets with printed barcodes.

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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Author: posixru


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