On the next Humble Bundle sale

This week the Humble Bundle collection is filled with new projects. Everything mentioned in this article games combined common characteristic – they are in some way using open source.

Fantasy fans will love the Magical Diary. This project from Japanese publisher Hanako Games is an interesting mixture of a magic school, visual novel and RPG. The main occupation of the player is to visit the school of witchcraft and wizardry. Responsibilities of a new wizards or witches are virtually indistinguishable from the responsibilities of the infamous Harry Potter. You will need to make new friends, learn new spells, to perform certain assignments, take exams on various magical subjects.

The court also imposed NEO Scavenger – post-apocalyptic turn-based game. It begins with the fact that you Wake up in a cryochamber. Neither time nor the location where you are not known. From all available information has only the name tag on his arm. You have to exert all their strength and skills to survive in a dark and unfriendly world of NEO Scavenger.

In Humble Bundle there are Offspring Fling! – puzzle-platformer. The idea of the game, in General is simple: you must collect all of his children, resembling chickens, throw them towards the exit, and also to get yourself. Offspring Fling! has over 100 different levels. Despite the simplicity of the gameplay, the project has been very exciting. The main advantage of the game – it makes us think, develops quick thinking, reaction speed.

Fans of star battles should be interesting to turn-based sci-Fi RPG game Planet Stronghold. Your character is a rookie, who was appointed to a distant human Outpost in Space. Soon between mankind and its enemies starts a bloody war. From which side of the conflict you choose, depends very much…

The new Humble Bundle is also represented Anodyne (2D puzzle), Defender”s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten (a mixture of RPG and Tower Defense), an adventure game Evoland, and Incredipede puzzle.

The first four games can be purchased for $ 1, the second Quartet available for the 6 conventional American units.



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