Not killed process Linux

During use of the Linux operating system there are situations where processes crash and you are unable to complete them. For example, you want to close the graphics program or service, send a TERM signal, which means to complete, and the program does not respond to it.

The fact that in order for a program will fail with TERM signal, it must be in working condition. This signal requests the program will end. If the program hangs, it may simply not receive your signal. Or the program can handle but not being completed, this signal is a recommendation. Here are possible causes and solutions:

  • Insufficient permissions – you can’t kill a process running on behalf of another user, use sudo;
  • The program hangs – it is necessary to send a KILL signal;
  • The program became a zombie – must destroy its parent process.
  • The program waits for a response from the driver is to wait or restart the computer.

In any case, first try as root:

sudo kill-KILL ProcessId

First, you can try to complete the program with a KILL signal, this pass -KILL or -9 option utility kill:

kill-KILL ProcessId

If that doesn’t work, you can try to look at the parent process of the program through the ps utility:

ps-xal | grep ProcessId

And then to destroy it. Read more about this in the article zombie process Linux. The last option – the program is TASK_UNITERRUPTIBLE. In this state the program when it waits for a response from the driver. For example, of your hardware drivers or file system. Usually, when the driver runs, the program becomes normal, but the errors in drivers, the program can remain in this state forever. I can’t kill her, you can only restart the computer.


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