News Ubuntu 19.04 – 7 things you need to know about

The Ubuntu 19.04 will be less than 30 days. I used it in the past week, and even as a pre-beta version of the OS is quite stable and not buggy. Here are a few things you should know about Ubuntu 19.04.

1. Code name: “Disco Dingo”

What about the name? As many of you already know, Canonical calls their semi-annual releases of Ubuntu, using an adjective and animal with the same first letter (for example, Intrepid Ibex, Feisty Fawn or Maverick Meerkat was one of my favorites). And the upcoming version of Ubuntu 19.04 under the code name “Disco Dingo” should be one of the coolest code names for the OS.

2. Theme Updates Ubuntu 19.04

If you can notice minor changes in the standard theme Ubuntu in the screenshot below? As for me, a new dark-black top panel and the left panel looks very stylish.

a desktop theme in Ubuntu 19.04

Of course, now it’s more and more like vanilla GNOME, not Unity, which is good.

Also there are changes to the icons. This hideous blue trash can icon has disappeared. Another will be the new icon of the update Manager, the icon for the software center of Ubuntu and the settings icon.

3. The official mascot of Ubuntu 19.04

Here’s a participant instead of a thousand words. Meet the official mascot of the “Disco Dingo”.

Pretty cool, right? Talisman “Disco Dingo” calls for countless variations of Wallpaper for your desktop.

4. New default Wallpaper

New themed Wallpaper “Disco Dingo” very cute: very uzuntekne, but unique. A monochrome version of the same Wallpaper is also available by default.

5. Support For Linux Kernel 5.0

Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco Dingo” will officially support the newly released version of Linux Kernel 5.0. In addition, Kernel Linux 5.0 comes with support for AMD FreeSync display that is great news for users powerful graphics cards AMD Radeon.

It is also important to note the added support of Adiantum Data Encryption and a Raspberry Pi with touch screens. In addition, the 5.0 Kernel improves the performance of the processor and improves hardware support.

6. Livepatch included

In the app “Software and updates” in Ubuntu 19.04 a new default tab called Livepatch. This new feature should help you to apply a critical kernel patch without rebooting.

Livepatch may not make much difference for the average user, who regularly turns off his computer, but can be very useful for corporate users, where downtime is unacceptable.

Canonical introduced this feature in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, but later it was removed, when it was released Ubuntu 18.10. A function Livepatch disabled in my installation of Ubuntu 19.04, although with the warning “Livepatch unavailable for this release”. Not quite sure what that means. After the release of the official version, I think it will work.

7. The release schedule of Ubuntu 19.04

The end of the beta test is scheduled for March 28, and the final release on April 18.

schedule of release of ubuntu 19.04

Usually, after the publication of the beta version of Ubuntu 19.04 already be set for normal daily use. I would never recommend a preliminary version of the OS on production machines.

Download Ubuntu 19.04

And finally, my biggest disappointment is the estimated modernization Ubuntu Software Center, which is now confirmed, cut of this release.


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