netperf is a command line utility allowing one to obtain information about network bandwidth.

netperf has a client-server architecture, throughput testing is carried out between two computers in a network. On one computer run the backend (netserver), on the other as the client is run the main utility (netperf)on a single computer, you can run tests in demo mode.

The server part (netserver) has a small number of parameters and works in the background for incoming connections server “default” use port 12865 (you can specify another). The server can run with standard user rights.

The client part netperf provides to run multiple parameters, there are parameters of two types, global and specific (pre-test). Global options are specified first and is separated from the specific, some parameters are set in pairs.

From the predefined available throughput tests of TCP and UDP, test the throughput of TCP in the opposite direction, testing the response time of TCP and UDP (returns the number of transactions per second), testing the speed of creation/deletion of TCP connections, and others read more about predefined tests can be found in the documentation.

netperf originally developed by the company HP (Hewlett-Packard Company), functional equivalents are the utilities iPerf and iPerf3 (tools to measure the maximum achievable bandwidth on IP networks).

License: Private (Hewlett-Packard Co / the Source code is open)

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