Necropolis – a new shooter from the creators of Shadowrun Returns

The creators of the game Shadowrun Returns decided to please the fans of its production with a new project, a game called Necropolis. Instead of turn-based combat used in Shadowrun Returns, the developers have introduced in Necropolis battles in real time. However, contrary to the fears of many players, tactical depth of these battles will not disappear. The success of the player in the Necropolis depends on the ability to make correct and timely decisions. For those who are accustomed to mindlessly press on the keys, a new game most likely will not work.

Necropolis is a game with procedurally generated locations. This means that every new launch of the game will put you in a new environment. Another “highlight” of the game is that locations can be changed directly during the passage. However, how the player will change the look of the cards, while it is not known. Necropolis is a living game world, whose inhabitants can fight among themselves without any participation of the player.

One of the main figures of the story is a powerful mage, who signed the hero in the frame of the mysterious world. This world can be described in one simple phrase – it is much bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside. One of the main sights Necropolis will become monsters. This will be a very colorful and diverse characters. And there is nothing surprising: the developers of “necropolis” was inspired by the horror “the cabin in the woods”.

At the moment, the developer hasn’t submitted any videos that reveal the essence of the “necropolis”. Nevertheless, some idea about the game you can build on the already introduced concept artam.

The game will be released in 2016 for three operating systems – Windows, Mac OS and Linux. In his blog, the developers do not exclude the fact that the Necropolis may come out for consoles.


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