MultiBootUSB allows you to create a bootable multiboot USB flash drives (thumb drives) with several (live) systems at the same time.

The functionality of the program can be compared to UNetbootin, but with MultiBootUSB you can store multiple systems on a single USB media such as USB flash drive, and when booting to choose which you want to run.


  • Record several Linux live distributions and other operating systems on one USB drive.
  • The choice of system at boot time.
  • Removing installed systems from media.
  • Burn ISO images directly (similar to the dd command).
  • Testing of recorded ISO images without rebooting the system, using virtual machine QEMU.
  • Download of USB on the UEFI/EFI via GRUB2 (limited support).
  • Support of command-line options.


The program is cross-platform and works under Linux and Windows.

Code: Open Source

Programming language: Python

Interface: Qt/PyQt

Boot Loader: Syslinux

License: GPLv2

release..8.8.010 may 20178.9.016 20179.0.030 Nov Dec Jan 20179.1.004 20189.2.004 APR 2018Создание multiboot stick. Generally speaking, very much built into programaci Rosa the ROSA Image Writer, but, alas, not all distributions support. This – I don’t know, until I found that not to be signed.

The first screenshot shows my bootable flash drive, on which was written 10 different distros, then tiny Tiny Core before, God forgive me, Windows10. 10 distributivov USB flash drive 16 GB. And 4+ GB more
space. By the way, just now told me here on the form about the misadventures associated with installing Windows10 on PC for son-in-law – so put a time with that drive.

On the second screenshot specifically showed the installation of the 11th distribution – this time Runtu-lite-18.04.3. Also a little less than 700 MB. Thus, the number of installed distributions have already reached 11. In fairness – except the little Tiny Core there still are such ultra-compact distributions like Porteus and Papyrus. So, generally speaking, not an indicator. But if necessary, I think, you can install 16 gigs up to 3 distros based on Windows.

What can you say about the program? Its function performs very properly, no complaints. Of the shortcomings – only minor quibbles – well, not beautiful. Well, the menu is extremely poor, I do not understand why it’s two points. Well, the interface is only English. But in General, it is unlikely to cause difficulties – words and phrases that are quite common and intuitive .But a multiboot USB flash drive instead of a handful odnoshovnyh flash drives 4-8 GB, which will quickly forget where that was recorded. Well, that’s about something. Sorry for the verbosity and some emotional.Login to commentI like Likes: +2войдите to put the huskies
The program website (free download)
The program is cross-platform
Works in:

  • Windows
  • Linux

Screenshots of the program

  • MultiBootUSB 9.2.0 (version: 9.2.0)Screenshot provided by the user.

  • MultiBootUSB 9.2.0: Process of recording (version: 9.2.0)Screenshot provided by the user.


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