Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird — free email client for Linux. Thunderbird is distinguished by simplicity and ease of use.


The program possesses all necessary functions for email management.

Key features:

  • Supported protocols: SMTP, POP3, IMAP, NNTP, RSS.
  • Creating multiple accounts.
  • Automatic configuration when creating accounts.
  • The initial configuration wizard.
  • Filtering messages. The quick filter.
  • Search messages. For a quick search of all emails are indexed.
  • Archiving messages.
  • Smart folders.
  • Built-in learning spam filter.
  • Support add-ons. Add-ons Manager built into the program.
  • Support tabs. Opening emails in separate tabs.
  • Automatic reminder about the forgotten attachment. The program analyzes the text of the letter and if there are words associated with, for example, files (example: “see attachment”), it will prompt the user to attach the attachment if it did not.


The program is developed under the Mozilla project. Full program name: Mozilla Thunderbird.

Programming language: C/C++
Also used: JavaScript, CSS, Rust, XUL, XBL
Library interface: GTK+

The program is fully translated into Russian language.

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Install Mozilla Thunderbird on Ubuntu Linux:sudo apt install thunderbird
The program website (free download):Mozilla Thunderbird
The program is cross-platform
Works in:

  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Linux

Published: 21.01.2011

  • yuriy
  • Screenshots of the program

    • View e-mail in Thunderbird (version: 3.1.7)

    • Thunderbird 60.8.0 (version: 60.8.0)


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