Mozilla Firefox 75 released settings the address bar and Assembly Flatpak

Released a new version of Firefox 75, and the first official version of the browser within the app Flatpak.

You may recall a few weeks ago, we told you about the upcoming release of Firefox Flatpak on Flathub’e, de facto, a real App Store for Flatpak applications. The release of Firefox 75 took place and now the first Flatpak build Firefox officially available to everyone.

In addition to technology flatpack, Linux users will notice changes to the text selection in the address bar and the search box aligned with platforms macOS and Windows, for example, a single click does not select words; double-click selects the whole word; triple click selects all words.

It would seem small, but such a valuable change – at least for me!

Change the address lines do not end there. Firefox 75 displays a list of the most popular sites in the address bar drop-down list when you first click inside the address bar, highlights the search terms in the automatic suggestions of search queries and facilitates the implementation of “one-off” searches with search providers that is different from the default.

All changes in the address bar, say in a blog Mozilla, aims to “make the search easier than ever.” Tell me in the comments if you think they succeeded (or not)!

Download Firefox 75

75 Mozila Firefox is a free software and open source, available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

You can download Firefox 75 from the official website of the browser for all major desktop operating systems (including Linux):

Download Mozilla Firefox

As mentioned, you can now install Firefox Flathub:

View Mozilla Firefoxна Flathub

But if you are using a supported version of Ubuntu (or Linux distribution based on Ubuntu), today, you can go to Firefox 75 using the system update tools.


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