Minetest – a Minecraft clone outdoor

Presenting your attention the game Minetest is one of the best Open Source alternatives to Minecraft. The advantage of the clone before the original is that the first created in the programming language C++, which increased the overall performance of the game significantly. API to increase the functionality of Minetest uses Lua scripting language.

In Minetest there are three modes — Kraft, single and multiplayer mode. Thanks to the latest mode with dozens of players can fight each other in Minetest servers that are deployed by the users themselves. It should be noted that the developer pays more attention to performance than new “features”, so the game is not so many things as many had expected.

One of the features of Minetest is limited by a height equal to 3100 units. For comparison: on many servers, “Minecraft”, this parameter is 256 units. Another feature of Minetest, which distinguishes the game from Minecraft, is that the stones can not ruin the hands and head. Thus, the developers managed to close the game’s physics to reality. In Minetest, there are mobs, and this is another advantage of the game.

Minetest is surely an open game: its code is widely distributed under the GNU LGPL 2.1 and artistic design are licensed under CC by-SA 3.0.

The interface is multilingual, among all languages, there are Russian. The latest Minetest release, the developer released at the end of the previous year. Today the game can be installed on computers with three OS: Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Install Minetest in Ubuntu

For installation you must connect the ppa repository ppa:minetestdevs/stable. About how to do this is written here. After that install the game by regular means searching in the Ubuntu software center with the word minetest or by entering the command in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install minetest  

Enjoy the game!


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