Midnight Commander

Midnight Commander (MC) — text two-pane file Manager for Linux.

MC supports all basic operations with files: copying, moving, archiving, change access rights, creating links, directories, and other. MC can work with files on remote systems through FTP and SSH.

Midnight Commander supports working with files, has a built-in quick search of files including search the contents of files.

Midnight Commander has a built-in text file editor with syntax highlighting — MCEdit.

Midnight Commander can definitely be called the most popular file Manager under Linux.

There is a version of Midnight Commander for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

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To install Midnight Commander in Ubuntu Linux:sudo apt install mc
Website:Midnight Commander
Download:Download file Manager Midnight Commander
The program is cross-platform
Works in:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • MacOS

Programme reviews from owners polzovatelya Ubuntu:
apt-get install mc

For gentechnik:
emerge mc

The rest here:

Midnight Commander is a text console file Manager written specifically for Unix-like systems, reminiscent of Norton Commander, and no way inferior to the latter in popularity. It is licensed under the GNU GPL license and comes with all modern Linux distributions.

MC is written using the NCurses library that allows you to display all the information about the folders and files that are represented in the system in an understandable and convenient form. Highlighting the names of files depending on their type (pink archives, executables in bright green, hidden files, dark gray, etc.), the ability to search by file name and mouse support greatly facilitates navigation and file management. And, like any console program, it almost does not waste system resources.
Built-in editor is also very convenient for quick editing of text files. It has syntax highlighting, which will undoubtedly appeal to programmers, search and replace, smooth scrolling of pages. And if you do not like the built-in editor, it is easy to fix by writing the path to your favorite editor in the EDITOR environment variable (to any, and he too is called by the button F4).

Additional options include MC file transfer via transport system and FTP support secure SSH Protocol.

Midnight Commander is able to make a very serious competition to any file Manager with its lightweight and undemanding to system resources.

I recommend to all.Screenshots of the program

  • Midnight Commander (mc) console file Manager for Linux

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