Metro Redux reloaded

The post-apocalyptic world, invented by Dmitry Glukhovsky, was embodied in several games Metro. One such game is Metro Redux for Linux operating system.

The Plot Of Metro: Redux

The basic outline of the plot of the game coincides with the book: in the near future, humanity destroyed itself in nuclear fire. As a result of the impact of multiple nuclear explosions, there is not winners or losers – the end had come. In Moscow survived only 50 thousand people who will of fate was in the subway. Those who remained on the surface, turned into flesh eating mutants. The post-Apocalypse in the game is a backdrop, which is clearly visible nature of every human being. Indeed, it is not clear who is the more terrifying monster: flesh-eating mutant, who killed a man or “Homo sapiens”, which preserved remnants of sanity, but sold the child for the bullets.

Compared to the version of the game for Windows, Linux version has a trendy graphical effects: improved anti-aliasing, advanced lighting, more detailed particle effects. But what happens on the surface, in the world who has not retained a human form?

Oddly enough, but on the other side hermovare also “full of life”: uncanny howling of the wind picking at the grass and lifts into the air ashes and snow, and the sky flying demons, and birds, which from the mutations become more like pterodactyls. If informed of the various chapters were separated by partition screens, now there is this: the game is loaded more smoothly seamless.

Ordered to survive

Compared to the original version, the developers have greatly changed the game mechanics. The game added new weapons and the ability as needed to improve your gear. There is much to enjoy and those who do not like high-profile shootings: now you can quietly get close to his opponent and “cut” him with the butt of his AK. In the Linux version of Metro monsters largely wised up: they do not stand stock still, waiting, when you shoot, but not the rod in frontal attack. On the contrary, zombies love to surround you and attack from behind. So be careful!

Metro: Redux is the ability to customize the game to the user experience that you want to get the most. One mode is focused on survival, the second on action. In the first case you have to, as the Apple of his eye, to conserve ammunition and to fight against very dangerous, but fortunately, few enemies. Someone who loves to shoot, choose the action and become involved in heated battles.

If you missed the series of Metro, then Metro Redux is a must buy for you. Ported to the Linux version of the game played a new, truly vivid colors, gives an incomparable experience of survival in a post-apocalyptic world, and may be called an excellent reprint of the original.

The game is available for purchase in Steam (instructions for installing Steam).


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