memtester — console utility for stress testing the memory subsystem in the presence of failures. The utility runs in user space and is very effective in the detection of periodic and redetection errors.

Problems in other hardware areas (overheating CPU, unstable power supply, etc) can cause intermittent failures in the memory, so before testing, you need to determine where the crash occurred, using other diagnostic equipment memtester just helps you determine problems with memory. If the system has utility for completion of the processes consuming the most memory (such as oomd, nohang, earlyoom , etc.) to complete the testing process, it is necessary to take into account.

memtester can test only the amount of free memory, it is always less than the total amount of memory available in the system, therefore, before the start of the stress test is necessary to check available memory (free). Allocated memory area is overwritten during testing, the specified number of times, so it is not safe to test the memory used by the system and related applications. To lock test memory need to run the utility with administrator privileges (root), testing non-blocking memory in some cases pointless and time consuming.

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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