Melody”s Escape — a game that develops a sense of rhythm

In the digital distribution service Steam there is an “early access”, which at the moment there are 323 games. Many of these games are worthy of your attention, and we periodically talk on the pages of the website Today we tell you about the rhythm game Melody”s Escape.

What this game differs from many of its competitors? First, the game is built great trailer — Regain Control by Shirobon. Second, would certainly will be charmed by the lovely silhouette of the main character, and thirdly, you enjoy the concept of Audiosurf: put any of your music, and come play for her. In the game there are no tracks – and it is certainly a plus, as prostimulirujte you to sort out your audiokollektsii. It should be noted that the game works with different formats: aac, flac, wma, ogg and mp3.

The composition is loaded simultaneously with the track, and the player immediately goes to the start. What happens next is entirely consistent with the spirit Bit.Trip Runner: you need to roll under obstacles and jump, and manage to shoot down balls of gold.

To get precisely, and sometimes even to act “in reverse”. For example, press the “back” and break the wall, push down and bend down through the stairs. In this game a rather “unusual” coordinate system – and you have to get used to it!

Management Melody”s Escape is simplified to the limit: can do 4 keys W, A, S, D and arrow keys. Obstacles and bulbs highlighted with 4 colors – so with all your desire you will not go wrong.

At the first level, everything is very simple – you need to get into a rhythm. In fact, the first level is the one-touch. Already at the last level you will need to cope with two keys.

A big plus of the game is that there’s little “platformer” and more “the rhythm part”. That’s why the players the impression that they are playing a simple musical instrument. However, the developer still “a lot” of work – it’s about adding in-game online leaderboards, and the Association of the buttons with very specific tools.

The game is available in Steam.


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