Make VLC more awesome with these simple tips

VLC is one of the best video players with open source, if not the best. What most people don’t know about it, is that it is much more than just a video player. With it you can perform many complex tasks, such as stream live video, capture devices etc. Simply open its menu and you will see how many options.

In FOSS there is a detailed guide that discusses some of the techniques c VLC, but they are too complex for regular users.

That’s why I’m writing this article to give you some simple tips that you can use when using VLC.

Do more with VLC using these simple tips

Let’s see what you can do with VLC, other than simple video playback.

1. Watch YouTube videos with VLC

If you don’t want to watch on YouTube annoying ads or just want to distract from watching videos on YouTube, you can use VLC.

Just start the player VLC, go to media settings and hit “Open Network Stream” or the keyboard shortcuts CTRL + N.

Then you just need to paste URL of the video you want to watch. There are several configuration options – usually you shouldn’t touch. But if you’re interested, you can click “Advanced options” to explore.

You can also add subtitles to YouTube videos. However, the easier way to watch YouTube or any online video with subtitles – use player subtitles Penguin.

2. Convert video to different formats

You can use ffmpeg for converting video in Linux command line. You can also use a graphical tool such as HandBrake to convert your video in required format.

But if you don’t want to separate the application transcational video you can use VLC media player to do the job.

To do this, simply go to options Media VLC and then click “Convert / Save” or press CTRL + R for quick access when you have active media player VLC.

Then you will either need to import the video from your computer / disk, either insert the URL of the video you want to save / convert. Whatever your input, just click “Convert / Save” after choosing the file. Now you have access to Profile settings where you can choose the format you want to convert and save your video.

You can also change the storage path for the converted file, selecting the destination folder at the bottom of the screen before converting it.

3. Record audio / video source

Want to record audio / video that you play on VLC Media Player?

If Yes, then the solution is simple. Just go to the tab View and click “Advanced Controls”.

Once you do, you should see a new button in th including the red record button on your VLC player.

4. To load subtitles automatically

Yes, you can automatically download subtitles with VLC. You don’t even need to look for them yourself on a separate website. You just need to go to View -> VLSub.

By default it is deactivated, so when you click on this option, it is activated and allows you to search and download subtitles. VLC also allows you to synchronize subtitles with easy keyboard shortcuts.

5. To make screen shots

With VLC you can get some screenshots / images of video while watching.

You just need to click with the right mouse button on the player during playback / pause a video, a menu will appear with many options, select Video -> Take Snapshot.

If you have an older version, you can see the option of a picture immediately after clicking with the right mouse button.

Bonus tip: add audio / video effects to the video

In menu, go to option “Tools”. Now click “Effects and Filters” or just press CTRL + E in VLC player window to open the option. Here you can see the audio effects and video effects that you can add to your videos. You may not be able to see all changes in real time, so you’ll have to configure it and save to see what happens.

I recommend to save a backup copy of the original video before edit it.

What is your favorite Board VLC?

I shared some of my favorite bits of VLC. And do You know of any cool feature that you regularly use in VLC? Why not share it with us? And I will add it to this list.


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