Machinarium — quest under Linux

Machinarium is a beautiful classic quest from the creators of no less quality quest Samorost. The game is commercial and is available for multiple platforms including Windows and Linux.

Checkpoint into the city of Machinarium

In the game Machinarium you find yourself on the planet of cars and you have to play for a small funny robot thrown in the trash near the city of Machinarium. The robot has a sweetheart that he must save the city.

In the sewers Machinarium

In addition to finding various items and using them as intended and not only you have to solve a few simple puzzles. But if at some point you have stalled the game has a hint in the upper right corner there is a special button, clicking on which you can get to the diary with tips. Of course to play with tips a lot less interesting.


In addition to detailed fancy graphics in the game are also quite nice, fantastic music. The plot is quite simple and good-natured, and situations and actions of the robot are always very fun that allows you to play Machinarium with the kids.

Buy the game on the site the game Costs 10$ (330 rubles). You can pay directly online with Visa or Paypal. There, on the site, you can pass the first level as a demonstration of the game.


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