Lutris is a game client that allows you to install and run native and Windows games on Linux. It is not a commercial service. Provides a convenient way to run games inside Linux.

The program is a game client. Allows you to combine games from different sources in one application. For example, you can import games that were purchased and uploaded to Steam. Lutris does not copy games, but only ensures that they run.

The program creates optimal settings for each game and the corresponding scripts that allow you to run both Windows games and native Linux games. Third-party components, such as Wine or DOSBox, are used to run it.


  • Supports launching games from Steam, GOG,, Origin, Uplay, and others. To access games from other services, you need to import them in the program.
  • Lutris creates special scripts for each game with optimal settings that allow you to install and run this game on Linux.
  • Lutris uses Wine, Dosbox, RetroArch, and other components to run games. Such components in Lutris are called “runners” – runners.
  • Allows you to create shortcuts in the main menu and on the desktop to launch specific games.


In some Linux distributions, the program is available in regular repositories. To install, you must install the lutris package.

Installing in Ubuntu via the PPA repository

To install on Ubuntu (Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Pop!_OS), you can use the PPA repository.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lutris-team/lutris sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install lutris

Installation in ArchLinux (Manjaro)

sudo pacman -S lutris

Installing in ArchLinux from AUR

git clone cd lutris-git makepkg -sri

Installing in Fedora

sudo dnf install lutris

Installing in openSUSE

sudo zypper install lutris

Installing in Gentoo

sudo emerge -a games-util/lutris

It is developed on a non-commercial basis. It is an independent project.

Project founder: Mathieu Comandon (Strider/Strycore).


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