LSD: Dream Emulator – a simulator of the dreamer on the PC

In the environment of computer games have always been, are and will be masterpieces, “mind-blowing”, after the passage which immediately want to visit a psychiatrist or at least psychologist. One such game is “LSD: Dream Emulator” or “simulator of dreams.” The original “Dream Emulator” was released a long time ago, in 1998, and was intended to be, the new gaming console PlayStation. Recently the company OutSide Directors Company released a remake of the game for Windows, and soon will have versions of “LSD: Dream Emulator” for Linux and Mac OS.

The first version of “Emulator” was devoted to dreams, which saw the game designer, Hiroko Nishikawa. The woman wrote down their dreams for over 10 years, which is a fairly common practice among the so-called “dreamers”. Although, judging by the word LSD in the title game, many of your dreams Hiroko Nishikawa seen in reality.

Story LSD: Dream Emulator

So, the plot of “LSD: Dream Emulator” is that the player travels through the world of dreams, the secret is exploring a whimsical world and interacts with the local environment. Each new dream begins in the apartment, and then follows a sharp jump – teleport to another world (“onaran”). The situation in “flight Dreams” is often very psychedelic: some pictures of the game will force the player to question their own sanity. However, everything is relative – was a dismal follow the “light” storyline. It all depends on what kind of mood was in the previous dream.

Keep in mind that you cannot bump into characters or pieces of furniture, because after that you will transfer to another world, which can be even more horrible. Happy one – drop even in the deepest abyss does not mean the physical death of your character. The person merely wakes up in his apartment.

After the first acquaintance with the game the impression that it is, so to speak, “the Amateur”. In “LSD: Dream Emulator” is clearly limited to the number of actions that can be performed by the player, and the graphics is strange, unusual. Nevertheless, the game is the best emulator of dreams, as accurately conveys all the atmosphere, which is inherent in human dreams.


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