LMemory — memory training for kids

Children older than 3 years you must train your memory to better remember and quickly learn. One of the possible ways of exercising the child’s memory — the Memory game. We present to your attention a simple embodiment of this game under Linux

The essence of the game Memory is as follows. The player is presented a field of cards with pictures that are rotated to the player’s shirt. Opening the card, the child sees the picture, he now needs to find a couple of exactly the same image, to remove this pair from the field. Thus over time, it can open only two cards, so it needs to remember which card is which picture to clear all field.

LMemory - игра1LMemory – game

The game offers several difficulty levels. Really easy to cards are not upside down and the child just need to find all pairs of cards. In addition there is a mode in which you must select pairs and triples of the same cards.

LMemory - для самых маленьких2LMemory – for the little ones

This method not at all times does not negate other exercises to train the memory of the child such as learning poems and songs, memorizing the names of objects, etc. But he is a great automatic addition to the program memory! Plus, the child not only memory but also learning to handle a computer, playing a game, which in turn may slightly ease the burden and with the parents.

in Ubuntu Linux, the game LMemory installed from standard repository. You can search by name lmemory from the software Center or execute the command in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install lmemory

In fact, the game memory and some other memory games included games for kids Gcompris! Game Lmemory a standalone product and can be used as an alternative to the games in Gcompris


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