LMbench — a set of console C (si) tools for performance analysis.

The project LMbench is a set of various micro-test (micro benchmarks)designed to measure basic operating system settings and hardware performance.

A set of tools LMbench includes tests of standard system operations, assessing the reaction time of the various subsystems, CPU clock, speed of memory and the file system (read/write, create/delete files), network bandwidth, and more…

Running tests LMbench is carried out in interactive mode (lmbench-run), the user is provided step-by-step choose the set of necessary tests and set their parameters, the results of the tests can be saved to a file.

LMbench useful pack of tests for comparative performance evaluation operating systems on different hardware, information about the reliability and parameters of hardware components, troubleshoot performance issues, regression testing and other things.

To run the tests, LMbench requires administrator privileges (root), all tests of a set of thoroughly documentedon the project website available tests a variety of equipment from most major manufacturers (SUN, HP, IBM, DEC, SGI etc).

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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Author: posixru

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