Linux games on Kickstarter

In the midst of autumn on the service Kickstarter appeared a lot of interesting games for the Linux operating system, on which we would like to draw your attention. Strategy “Highlands”, a post-apocalyptic strategy “Graywalkers: Purgatory” and the platformer in the spirit of “Limbo” “Black the Fall”.


First bring to your attention the Highlands is a turn-based strategy in the spirit of the legendary Board game Rick. Here, players will not fight the armies and characters with their “tree flow” and background. In Highlands there are 4 classes of heroes: soldiers, mechanics, managers and academics. The task of the soldiers is to capture a new sector on the map, mechanics, erecting defenses to the already occupied territories, leaders, gather resources and recruit new heroes, finally, academics must not only treat wounded soldiers, but also to scientific research. All the above characters are the inheritors of the ancient Royal family lost their power because of an armed invasion. Therefore, the task of playing in the Highlands – to save the Kingdom from the invaders and reclaim the throne.

Graywalkers: Purgatory

Post-apocalyptic strategy Graywalkers: Purgatory have appeared on Kickstarter in October last year. Then, the developers managed to collect on their creation only 43 of the 100 necessary of thousands of dollars. Now the situation is much changed: the developers already have a demo version of the game for operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

The game’s plot is quite simple: Heaven, Hell and Purgatory became one with the physical world, and now players not only have to manage their characters, but also to deal with the powerful demons, to demonstrate your skills as a strategist on the global map.

Black the Fall

“Black the Fall” is a platform game, created in explanation of “Another World” and “Limbo”. Will have to play the main character named “black”. The game takes place in gloomy world, where machines and computers run people. The main objective of black is to find the lost memories. To do this, it can choose two tactics: avoid the enemies and to act secretly, or to act openly, destroying the enemy in close combat.


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