LinCity-NG is a free strategy game in which you must build and develop the city — building SIM city. The game is based on strategy SimCity 2000.

In LinCity-NG you need to build a city. A variety of buildings: industrial, economic, social, residential, transport facilities (roads, Railways, bridges), etc.

In the game need to support and develop the economy, education, environment and other factors influencing the life and development of your city.

Graphics LinCity-NG is quite simple. The map itself and the buildings still look more or less professional, but the control buttons look very simplistic.

The game is fully translated into Russian language, including support materials (FAQ). LinCity-NG is available under Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows.

Instructions for installing and launching LinCity-NG in various Linux distributions can be viewed on the relevant wiki page (eng.):

InstallationInstallation in Ubuntu (LinuxMint)

sudo apt install lincity-ng

Cross-platform game
Works in:

  • BSD
  • Linux
  • OS/2
  • Solaris
  • Windows

Website (free download):Strategy LinCity-NGLogin to commentI like Likes: +1войдите to put the huskiesscreenshots of the game

  • Small town (version: 2.0-2build1)

  • The construction of the city (version: 2.0)Screenshot taken from the official website.


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